Naughty Little Cards began its life on a market stall at The Old Truman Brewery back in 2013. I quit my job as a PA in the city in pursuit of something more creative. After spending a month in Thailand 'finding myself' (read as getting drunk on buckets of Thai vodka red bull), I came home, got myself a subscription to Photoshop and started writing…

My first stall was stocked with a mixture of cards; some sentimental, some cute, some funny, and the rest were just plain rude. The less offensive cards stayed put and the rest were a sell-out and so just like that, Naughty Little Cards was born.

I spent most of my mid-twenties trading at Netil Market where I'd usually be found behind a pair of sunglasses regretting staying out until 5am the night before. Regulars would trade orange Lucozade in return for birthday cards and when the sun began to set, we'd all
relocate to Pub on the Park. As pubs go, this one is a fucking belter. If you've never been, go. (And if you go, tell them Kat sent you - there'll be a pint with your name on it. Only joking.
But seriously, still go).

Fast forward a few years and we've been featured in Stylist, Cosmopolitan and Heat Magazine, listed on Buzzfeed and Huffington Post and we're now stocked by ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Boohoo to name a few. It's a CV we're pretty proud of and one which wouldn't be half as accomplished was it not for some pretty special people who help make a lot of this stuff happen. Please allow me to introduce 'Team Naughty'….

Founder of Naughty Little Cards. Holds the record for North London’s fastest card folder and envelope stuffer*. Rarely photographed without a drink in hand. Skills of note include winning a golden welly award for watering an artificial plant for over a year. Is not and will never be a vegan. 

*Based on a very in depth survey

Head of English at a Pupil Referral Unit by day, Hackney dwelling culture kid by night. Name a bar or restaurant in London and our resident culture queen can give you the lowdown. While there is room for improvement with her folding and packing techniques, Lucianna is one of our most skilled copywriters. She's also the one of the few people has the ability to translate my attempts at speech into coherent sentences when I've overdone it on wine. 

Geography teacher and ultimate garage girl who moonlights as a naughty little card packer. Outstanding card folder, absolutely shit at stuffing them into those plastic things. Famed for coming up with the 'I'll bring you flowers' card. Holds a lifetime subscription to National Geographic Magazine and has a love for unattractive and scarily flammable fleece loungewear. Becca once lost two toenails at a ping pong bar in Phuket. Wannabe vegan,

Marketing Director by day, Naughty Little Strategic Adviser by night. Skills of note include expertly barcoding stock, although Elle is currently working through a formal written warning for showing up drunk and barcoding the dog. Elle spent two years working on vineyards in Australia and likes to think she's a qualified sommelier when in restaurants, usually to the dismay of the rest of her table.

Naughty Little Cards’ resident IT guy. Enjoys drinking pale ale and watching documentaries about the Pope on YouTube. When he’s had one too many, Shannon has been known to go into character as his German ‘Uncle Joe’ where he retells the story of losing a leg in a forest back in the 90’s. Speaks fluent Turkish when drunk.

Shocking card folder. Often sleeps on the job. Has been known to cause the evacuation of the office when he eats too many chew sticks. Joey goes bat shit crazy if he hears a harmonica being played. Good friends with the DPD and UPS delivery guys although he fell out with Parcelforce a while back and he's never let it go.